Cloud Services

Celerus is brand-agnostic as far as clouds go... We have expertise in ​

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • OpenStack

We also have consultants on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Cloudera and other major platforms in this space.

Data Analytics, Warehousing

Big Data/Data Analytics is a sweet spot for Celerus. We have deployed consultants in ​

  • Data Science and Engineering
  • Analytics tools like R, SAS etc
  • BI Tools like Oracle BI, SAP BI and MSBI
  • Reporting tools like Qlikview
  • Microstrategy, SAP BO and Tableau


We were one of the early adopters to Mobility, with over 100 consultants working with various prestigious organizations like BMW, Boeing, Herbalife, Samsung, Cisco, PNC etc. Our expertise includes ​ ​

  • Android Internals
  • iOS Internals
  • App Development on Android and iOS
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Mobile Payments


Celerus has invested and grown significantly in the fastest-growing segment of the IT business- Automation. We have over 60 consultants deployed on ​ ​

  • iOT ( Internet of Things)
  • BlockChain
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Connected Car Technologies
  • Drones and Delivery Automation.

Packaged Software

This segment, with larger project durations, has been a revenue bedrock and instances of great levels of customer satisfaction. ​ ​

Implementations of Oracle and SAP ERPs and CRMs, Domain-focused products like EPIC, Facets, CharlesRiver, Calypso and Temeos T24 form the bulk of our experience in this very important segment.

Security/ Identity Management

This is another fast-growing, difficult-to-source segment in Information Technology. Our consultants work with large, global enterprises on Firewalls like CheckPoint Digital Identity products like ForgeRock, Oracle Identity Mgmt, Ping Identity, etc. ​ ​